How to plan your own wedding without any wedding planner. Here are some tips for your planning.

Plan Your Wedding Tips: Preparation Stage

9 - 12 months to the wedding date.

1. Plan your wedding date.
Off peak season weddings are ideal as the chances of getting the vendor that you want would be higher.

2. Plan your budget.
Set a budget for your wedding. You will have to be flexible. But once you have a rough estimation of your own budget, try as much as possible to stick to it. We will be suggestion some ways that you could save for your wedding.

3.  Communication is the key!
Communicate with your spouse to be and your parents, the kind of wedding you want, the budget that you have planned. Parents might have their own expectations of their son/daughter’s wedding. This part you have to compromise and even have to convince them on why you’ve to make a  certain decision.  Trust me once they are on your side it will be a smooth sailing process.

4. Research on the venue, catering, and wedding decorator first! Why first? It is because these takes up the largest pie of your budget and once this is settled you will feel much relieved. If you are lucky most likely your parents will be handling this. If not research on how much does it cost to rent a venue, how much are they charging per head for catering and how extensive the décor will be.  Some venue companies have packages for catering and décor; it will SAVE u a lot of time and money. Try your best to determine the colour and/or decor theme. From there it is easier to coordinate the theme with the venue and decor.

5. Research on Bridals Company.
All bridals have their own trademark and their primary goal is to make you stunning beautiful like a goddess. Be nice to them, tell them your vision of your wedding. I can vouch that 99% of the vendors I've worked with were patient, always listening and want the best for their clients. How about that 1%? Hey! they are humans too yeah! So nobody is perfect. Have a certain idea on the kind of look you want during your wedding. Share with your wedding vendor the ideas that you have, they will in return give you insights on what is suitable for you based on your body type, the kind of make up that accentuate your features. After all they are the professionals.
6. Photography and/or Cinematography
The best investment you can make in the course of your wedding planning is Photography and Cinematography! NO BIAS HERE! HAHA! On a serious note, 1, 2 or even 10 years down the road, how would you remember your wedding day? Photos and videos are two things that lasts the test of time. I've dedicated an article on how to choose your wedding photographer. See here -
7. Wedding gifts trays
8. Wedding favours.
9. Wedding entertainment

10. Wedding Cards


12. All little things

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