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Style - Emotion, expressions, laughter all in one... Determined the style of your wedding photos before you select your ideal wedding photographer. Every photographer has their own unique style. HDstudios emphasize more on emotions, laughter prone towards the photojournalist style. We capture moments exactly as they happened.

Price & products - Ask for their package price. Be absolutely sure you know what you are getting. Usually price range from $1500 onwards... Pssttt did you know that HDstudios are having $200 off on actual day wedding photography and/or cinematography packages? Secure your wedding dates in 2019 by simply signing up with us now!
Determined your needs - Do you want a pre/post wedding photoshoot? Do you need videography services? Look at the packages they offer. Do they offer all in one packages? HDstudios are able to cater to your needs. Tell us your ideas, your needs and we are flexible and will work around your needs. Plus we have all in one packages - Photo video pre/post photoshoot package.

RESEARCH PHOTOGRAPHER'S PORTFOLIO - Look at their final products, albums, frames and others that they offer. Did we mentioned that in HDstudios we only take 2 weddings per weekend. We emphasize on QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Interview them via emails first - Please ask us questions! You don’t want to waste your time physically meeting each and every photographer face to face unless they meet the very basic of your requirements. Email (or whatsapp) is your best bet, at least initially.

Ask them questions such as:
1. Are they available for your wedding date?
2. How much experience do they have?
3. Do they specialize in weddings?
4. How soon do you get your photos?
5. What is their deposit and payment schedule?

6. How may times will you meet them?
7. Do they have backup equipment?

8. Are they doing this full time?

Narrow down your list of potentials - So they have met all your criteria so far and answered everything to your liking over the phone/email, now it comes down to personality. Are they friendly, polite, and easy to get along with? Who do you want to invest 20% of your budget on? Time to cut down your list to 3-4 potentials and make an appointment to meet each one face to face.
Above all please discuss with your significant other(spouse to be) and finalize.
Next step, book them! - Call your chosen photography company and ask them to reserve your wedding date. Sign the contract and place your deposit. Remember to follow-up with your photographer to discuss last-minute details, changes, and requests.

Lastly : Good wedding photographers are like anything else, they book fast; so reserve yours a year in advance A photographer’s website is a good way to determine their style, price, and services. Review the contract thoroughly. Get a receipt for your deposit. Discuss the final amount and any additional costs. Be sure to include any special requests/shots.

Much Love

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For enquiries on Destination wedding photoshoot, Actual day wedding event, Local Wedding Photoshoot pls whatsapp us at 98399900.
Alternatively email us at hello@hdstudios.com.sg

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